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Choosing the weight for your Crystal Realm puzzle engagement ring

February 20th, 2011 No comments

For heavy-weight, four-band puzzle rings, with or without a diamond, there are two main styles.   If you wish, you can each have your four-band puzzle rings woven to match.

When you first order, I will send you each your style and weight of ring in sterling silver, so you can try them on to assess fit, weight, style, and everything, so you can make sure you love the rings, before we commit to them in precious metal.   We can do that before you order, if you wish, and in that case, you’ll pay for the sterling silver, and then we’ll apply that amount to your rings in precious metal, if your rings are valued at over $1,000 each. If your final rings are under $1,000, then we apply half the value of your sterling ring to the final ring price.

Our regular weave, hand-woven, four-band puzzle rings

The two puzzle rings immediately below show the open weave style in men’s heavy-weight stock.  The puzzle ring in two colors is 7/8″ wide at top-center.   The puzzle engagement ring has roughly the same width at top center, but the addition of the 1CT diamond brings the total ring width to 10mm to 11mm.

Open Weave, Four-Band , 12 Gauge, Heavy-Weight Puzzle Ring


1CT Marquise Diamond on women’s heavy-weight, open weave, puzzle ring with optional comfort-fit band which is contoured to reflect the curved shape of the puzzle ring edge.


CT Marquise Diamond on 12-gauge, open weave, puzzle ring with optional, custom-fit, comfort-fit band

Our hand-woven, tighter weave, Cambridge style, four-band puzzle rings. The puzzle rings shown just below are in the Cambridge style.  In this style, we stretch each band across the front to make an interesting alternative look.  Another consequence of the stretching is that these rings are more uniform in width across the front of the ring, so you have the sense of a “band,” which many people like.

The engagement ring with the ruby shows the medium-heavy weight, just the same as the smaller ring to the right in the white gold, shown immediately below.


Cambridge Puzzle Ring Wedding Bands


Cambridge puzzle ring with 2CT ruby and claddagh band with heavy trim

For these or any puzzle rings, please call Mandira toll-free at 1-866-573-7381 or email her directly.