Puzzle Wedding or Commitment Rings

June 23rd, 2014

Greetings, Brandy,

Thank you so much for getting in touch and for loving our puzzle rings!  The color combination you like is 14K white and 14K rose gold.  We can make the Madison four-band puzzle ring in any of several weights in this color combination.

Though it can feel a little overwhelming at first to decide on your puzzle ring style, here’s some information that will simplify it for you.

All the styles you mentioned (including the one with the colors you like) are four-band puzzle rings in differing weights and weaves.  (Huh?)  Let me explain.

First I’ll talk about weights, and then I’ll shown you different weights in different weaves.
The gold stock we use to make puzzle rings is measured in “gauges.” The smaller the number of the gauge, the heavier the stock.  I know, it’s non-intuitive, but they didn’t ask me about the measuring scale when they made it!

The light weight is 18 gauge.
Medium-weight is 16 gauge.
Heavy weight for women is 14 gauge.
Extra-heavy weight for women is 13 gauge.

Men’s rings typically go from 12 gauge to 10 gauge, but we sometimes make a ring lighter, depending on what a client wants.  The picture of the four-band in rose and white gold is a 12 gauge.

Okay, so there’s a bunch of theory for you.  Now how does this fit together with type of weave to create a style?  When Norm makes a four-band puzzle ring without a stone, he weaves it in one of two ways:  either an open weave or a tight weave.  A particular weight in a given weave results in a style with a name on crystalrealm.com!

Let me show you.

Here is the Madison four-band puzzle ring, which is the light-weight, 18-gauge ring you like. Notice that the way the bands are woven makes large air-holes in the design across the front. This is called an open weave. The only way Norm makes the light-weight is in the open weave, not a tight weave, because the 18-gauge wire is so slight, that to weave it tighter, well, there would barely be anything there!

The Madison four-band is shown here in a medium weight (16 gauge).  This is woven with a tight weave.

Notice that the four-band, medium-weight Madison with an open weave, below, is identical to the ring above, only the one above has the tight weave; this one is woven so there is more openness between the bands.

The Madison medium-heavy-weight is a 14-gauge ring, and it is woven with a tight weave, as shown below. It could be woven with a more open weave.

So your choices are:
Light or medium weight with open weave
Medium or medium-heavy weight with tight weave
Medium-heavy weight with open weave (not shown)

Since you love the combination of 14K white and rose gold, I would encourage you to consider ordering the medium rather than the light weight.  Have you ever seen your grandmother’s or great-grandmother’s gold jewelry?  Gold wears away, ever so gradually over time, becoming lighter weight over the decades.  So given the choice, I encourage starting with at least the medium weight, as I believe it will serve you better over the long haul.

As for when you place your order, right now we are delivering at four weeks or so.  Each ring is custom hand-made to order, and delivery is scheduled.  In fact, you get to enter your desired need-by date when you order, so if you would like to receive your rings shortly after you return from your trip, I suggest ordering sooner rather than later.

Many thanks again for emailing today about these beautiful rings.  I look forward to serving you.

All the best,


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