June 22nd, 2014



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Genuine puzzle rings that really come apart and go back together provide endless fun and fascination.  Today’s sophisticated puzzle engagement rings are beautiful in their own right, even without the added intrigue of unweaving and reweaving your ring.

A Celtic puzzle engagement ring can be customized in a multitude of ways.  Folks often pair a puzzle engagement ring with a Renaissance or custom poesy ring or a genuine Irish Celtic wedding band for a truly unique set.  Grooms can select a matching poesy or Celtic ring or a puzzle ring in a similar weave with the option of a heavier weight.

To the left is a Guinevere Celtic diamond puzzle ring with a Celtic knotwork shadow band – a truly custom set.

Below, a newly engaged client comments in an email to me about her 1/2CT princess-cut diamond Celtic puzzle engagement ring.

“Hello Mandira, My name is Elizabeth Brown, and my fiance Kyle Van Voerendal just gave me a BEAUTIFUL engagagement ring.  I just wanted to write you and let you know that it is more beautiful than I imagined and the picture did not do it justice.  Thank you sooo much for putting so much thought and effort into one ring.  The stone is absolutely beautiful and perfect.  I have never seen a stone this clear (and I used to work at a jewelry store).”

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