Examples of Shadow Band Designs

April 13th, 2016

Greetings, thank you for examining my images of custom shadow bands.

I provide the puzzle engagement ring. It arrives tied together at the back with thread. It is helpful if you will wire it together at the back, so it never falls apart in your possession.

Our most popular design is the claddagh shadow band. Sometimes with knotwork around the shank, sometimes a plain, tapered shank, sometimes with trinity knots in place of cuffs, sometimes with stones flush mounted. We usually do it in one color metal, but sometimes in two, as shown. In that case, there are two waxes made; one is the shank, and one is the entire claddagh section.

DCF 1.0

Our most popular shadow band done in one color or two. Diamond was 0.46CT, so hands are a nice size. These hands are particularly elegant and graceful. Our claddagh hands, I am not kidding, have been the very best I’ve seen in over 30 years in the jewelry business.


Another claddagh band made for a 0.93CT diamond puzzle ring and made with two flush-mount diamonds.

DCF 1.0

Larger hands to fit with larger diamond



Our other popular complex design is shown in the images below: Celtic knotwork must fit well with puzzle ring loops. We are willing to accept some originality to waxes, but only if it moves the design forward in an iterative fashion. For example, the band immediately below with the sapphire ring was made as a new version of the one below that shown with the small round diamond. Of course, the whole sapphire puzzle ring was larger than the puzzle ring with the round stone, so it made sense for the shadow band to be bolder.

In other words, we like artistic interpretation of our designs if it fits better with the puzzle ring. What I can’t do is nitpick every detail though – I need my wax artist to have an intuitive sense of what will look beautiful with the puzzle ring.


Puzzle ring with 4mm sapphire, with Celtic knotwork band designed to fit with scale of engagement ring



Original version of Celtic knotwork shadow band done for a very small and dainty puzzle ring with 1/4CT diamond

We do diamond shadow bands, and right now I am limping along with CAD diamond shadow bands. If we can make progress with having the two types of designs above made, I will consider bringing over my diamond shadow bands to have hand-waxes carved.



Diamond shadow band


Another ring style made from hand-carved wax.

Custom made Celtic wedding band, here shown in 7mm in palladium. This band is tapered to 4mm at the back, for comfortable fit.

Custom wedding band from hand-carved wax


Probably our most bread and butter shadow bands are the 1.7mm, 2mm, and 3mm plain ones. Right now they seem okay in CAD, but I believe I would still rather have hand waxes.



Simple 2mm shadow band

This is an example of a shadow band with hand-engraving done to the finished ring. I have emailed you a document showing part of the lettering.

Custom Gaelic "I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine" with Avalon Aquamarine Celtic-Inspired Puzzle Ring

Example of custom hand-engraved shadow band from plain shadow band wax

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