Diamond shadow band images for review

March 19th, 2016

Below are multiple visualizations of the shadow band. The green represents what will be the Photosilver model from which a mold will be made. The metal-looking images represent what the finished ring will look like after casting shrinkage and polishing.

Three  issues that jump out at me that should be pretty easy fixes:
1. I would like the edges of the ring to be radiused, in other words made a little softer/rounder, but only if you agree.

2. I’ve marked a couple of images that show possible issues with the fit of the two rings together, though this may be just the visualization. I will certainly bring it up with the artist.

3. The edge of the shadow band that meets the puzzle ring seems too high, as though the overall ring thickness is too great.  But this is a matter of taste, and you may like it a lot. Look at the set from the side, and please tell me what you think.

Do you have any further issues you would like to comment upon? Please email me your comments.

398300 render2 1-500


398300 render2 2-500




Hard to tell in image above if the two rings fit together precisely, and also edge of shadow band that meets up to puzzle ring looks like it may be too high.


Angled image above – does shadow band fit perfectly to puzzle ring? Can’t tell, but
this image suggests a possible issue to be examined.











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