Celtic Inspired Puzzle Engagement Rings on Hands

Sometimes it really helps to see rings on hands, so you can really get an idea of what your ring will look like, ahead of time. This page is dedicated to images of our beautiful Celtic puzzle engagement rings on hands.


Genuine Alexandrite, Guinevere four-band puzzle ring in palladium with a Celtic recessed eternal knot band and a simple palladium band

DCF 1.0

Guinevere Royale puzzle ring with 4mm princess-cut sapphire and side emeralds with custom, contoured, Celtic knotwork shadow band, all in palladium. Click for details.


Marquise diamond puzzle ring with French poesy ring. Poesy ring is inscribed with ‘a vila mon coeur gardi li mo,’ meaning ‘here is my heart guard it well. 14K white gold.


Marquise diamond trinity puzzle ring – this puzzle ring has three bands, for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or for the couple and the Creator who brought them together. 0.71CT diamond. Click for details. 


0.93CT marquise diamond puzzle ring in 14K yellow gold in size 7

1CT princess-cut diamond on heavy, four-band puzzle ring in 14K yellow gold; size 4.5

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