Celtic Inspired Puzzle Engagement Rings on Hands

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Sometimes it really helps to see rings on hands, so you can really get an idea of what your ring will look like, ahead of time. This page is dedicated to images of our beautiful Celtic engagement puzzle rings on hands. This blog post is by Mandira for Crystal Realm, so if you need help, please call her at 1-866-573-7381. Thanks for reading on!

Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with 1.7mm Shadow Band
We will create a stunningly unique bridal set with a diamond puzzle ring and a custom fit shadow band. Each bridal set is completely unique. Your puzzle ring will be hand-woven to bear the very stone you select (marquise, round, princess-cut, or antique square). This means that each loop and twist of the puzzler ring is created by hand. Then the shadow band is made from an original, hand-carved wax; a mold is made, and then the ring is cast and polished to fit perfectly with the puzzle ring.

Celtic Engagement Ring: Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring
This puzzle ring has three bands, so we call it a trinity puzzle ring. The ring below is shown with a 0.71CT diamond, the heaviest diamond we can place on the medium weight ring. You may order this puzzle ring with a diamond starting at 1/3CT.

Celtic Engagement Ring: Four Band Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring
This lovely 14k white gold, four band puzzle ring is shown with a 1/3CT diamond. Like the ring above, this can hold a diamond up to 0.72CT weight. We can make this ring with a tight, standard, or open weave. This puzzle ring is made with a standard weave.
View with standard weave.
View with open weave.


Celtic Bridal Set: Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with Custom Shadow Wedding Band
Start by ordering the puzzle ring, then contact us for the shadow band. Your puzzle ring will be hand-woven to your order, and your shadow band will also be custom made to fit with your puzzle ring. You may order by calling Crystal Realm at 1-866-573-7381.

Celtic Engagement Ring Bridal Set: Hand-Woven Sapphire and Emerald Guinevere Puzzle Ring with Hand-Made Celtic Knot Shadow Band
For more information about this bridal set, please contact Mandira from Crystal Realm at 1-866-573-7381.

Guinevere Royale puzzle ring with sapphire and emeralds and Celtic shadow band

Guinevere Royale puzzle ring with 4mm princess-cut sapphire and side emeralds with custom, contoured, Celtic knotwork shadow band, all in palladium.

Celtic/French Bridal Set
Four Band Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with “a vila mon coeur, gardi li mo” posy ring, meaning, “Here is my heart, guard it well.” This set is made in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. You may start by ordering the puzzle ring and add the wedding band when you are ready. Or you may order each piece separately at the same time.
Order the marquise diamond puzzle ring with a standard weave. You may order it in any color of gold on this page.
Order the French posy ring in 14K white gold.
Order the French posy ring in 14K yellow gold.
Order the French posy ring in 14K rose gold.

This set is available in three colors of 14K gold and platinum (not palladium).


Marquise diamond puzzle ring with French poesy ring. Poesy ring is inscribed with ‘a vila mon coeur gardi li mo,’ meaning ‘here is my heart guard it well.’ Shown in 14K white gold.

Celtic Bridal Set: Engagement Puzzle Ring with Celtic Recessed Knot Wedding Band and Matching Partner Band
Guinevere Tanzanite puzzle engagement ring
Please call for the wedding bands in palladium.
This beautiful set is available in 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, palladium, and platinum. It is not available in 14K white gold, as the bands won’t quite match the 14K white gold of the puzzle ring. Why is that? Most 14K white gold rings available today are rhodium plated. It’s a naturally white metal used to make the off-white of 14K white gold appear bright white. Our puzzle rings are not plated, so we make the white version in palladium or platinum, so colors will match.

A three piece bridal set includes a four band puzzle ring with princess cut tanzanite paired with a Celtic recessed knot band which matches his ring

Guinevere puzzle engagement ring with princess-cut tanzanite. Bride and groom are wearing Celtic recessed eternal knot bands. All in palladium.

Channel Set Diamond Shadow Band with Marquise Sapphire Puzzle Ring

Four band, marquise diamond puzzle ring with channel set diamond shadow wedding ring

Marquise diamond puzzle ring with channel set diamond shadow wedding band


One Carat Range Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring in 14K Yellow and 14K White Gold
We quote diamond rings in the one carat range individually, as the price you will pay can vary so widely depending upon what diamond qualities are important to you. Our bias is that the diamond must look gorgeous and sparkly on the hand, so we won’t set it in the ring. We can often save you money by going down the scale a tad on diamond characteristics that don’t show on the hand in favor of beauty and sparkle – oddly enough, they are the only two qualities that diamonds are not grade on that actually make the most difference to how the final ring will look on your hand. For a quote, please call Mandira at Crystal Realm at 1-866-573-7381.


0.93CT marquise diamond puzzle ring in 14K yellow gold in size 7


Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring with Emerald Accents
We made this ring for a customer in Australia. It is made from 14K rose gold and platinum, with a 0.72CT marquise diamond. The puzzle ring is a four piece, and it’s easy to put together using Crystal Realm’s simple instructions. The weave of this puzzle ring is open, and we made a shadow band to go with it.

Celtic Bridal Set: Celtic Knotwork Engagement Puzzle Ring with Celtic Knotwork Custom Shadow Wedding Ring
We can make this engagment puzzle ring with any stone you want and in any stone size. Shown is a rhodolite garnet, which is a purple-red. We think it is striking with 14K yellow gold, but like all of our sets, it’s available in the precious metal or metals you want.

Guinevere puzzle ring with rhodolite garnet is paired with a custom Celtic knotwork shadow band

Rhodolite garnet Guinevere puzzle ring with Celtic knotwork shadow band; 14K yellow gold

Celtic Engagement Ring: Celtic Knotwork Engagement Puzzle Ring with Custom Shadow Band
This uniquely beautiful bridal set consists of a Guinevere diamond puzzle ring with a custom-fit shadow band, all in 14K gold. At present, we don’t have this exact set on our site, but we have it with the puzzle ring made of four colors of 14K gold: rose, yellow, white, and green. The shadow band is 14K yellow gold. As with all of our sets, you may have it in whichever precious metal or metals you want.


Heavy Weight Engagement Puzzle Ring with One-Carat Range Diamond
Our customer Laura wearing her ring at her wedding in Italy. Her ring size was about 4.5, so you can see how great even a heavy weight puzzle ring with a large stone looks on a small hand/small finger.

1CT princess-cut diamond on heavy, four-band puzzle ring in 14K yellow gold; size 4.5

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