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Celtic Knotwork, 1CT Tsavorite Garnet, Four-Band Puzzle Ring

September 16th, 2017

This stunning Tsavorite garnet is a rare 1CT, shown on a four-band, 14K yellow gold, just-over-medium-weight puzzle ring, and held in a 14K white gold setting. This particular garnet has a remarkably lustrous color, and our customer absolutely loves it!

Tsavorite garnet is found only in Kenya and Tanzania, and it was named Tsavorite by Tiffany’s, during the 20th C. We love it, because it is more durable than emerald, and it does not require the special care that emerald does. Emerald cannot get hot, and it must be oiled once per year with emerald oil. It is brittle, so it breaks easily. Tsavorite garnet is a relatively carefree stone – just keep it clean, and you can use hot water with a little organic cleaner to do so.

This is a genuine, working puzzle ring that really comes apart and goes back together with just a little practice.

This blog post was written by Mandira for Crystal Realm.

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