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Sapphire Celtic Engagement Puzzle Rings in 3 Styles

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This post is written for a customer who wants a sapphire, open weave puzzle ring to go with a handmade shadow wedding ring. The intention is to show her various styles of puzzle ring, so she can get an idea of options. We are passionate about creating hand-woven puzzle rings and handmade bridal sets that bring our customer’s dream to reality. So if you are interested in a puzzle ring or a puzzle ring bridal set, please contact me. My name is Mandira, and I am writing this blog post for Crystal Realm, where you may find many engagement puzzle rings and bridal sets exclusive to Crystal Realm. You may visit our site and look around, or call me directly at 1-866-573-7381 to discuss your needs. Here’s the link to our colored gemstone puzzle ring and bridal set section.

For a puzzle ring with a princess-cut or a round sapphire, then there are three potential styles for you to consider.

Let me take you on a tour – though I will caution you that some pictures won’t have a sapphire, as I want to show you the different styles, and not all  have been photographed with a sapphire. Indeed, not all of these styles will be shown with an open weave, and that is the weave preferable for mating with a shadow band. Of course, we can make any of our puzzle rings with an open weave, if that’s what you want.

Some of these images have links to our site. Some are linked to the puzzle ring category – that’s because we don’t have correctly sized images of all these puzzle ring styles for our new website. But you are welcome to contact me – Mandira at Crystal Realm – at 1-866-573-7381 for any style that you see here that you want.

Guinevere Engagement Puzzle Ring with 4mm (0.40CT) round sapphire
Right now we don’t have this puzzle ring pictured on our site, but we can surely make it for you. You can see this puzzle ring on our site in four colors of 14K gold with a 5mm round aquamarine, just to get another look at it. We can make any ring and bridal set you want in palladium or platinum.


Guinevere Engagement Puzzle Ring with a 0.63mm Princess-Cut Sapphire
This puzzle ring is not pictured on our site either right now, but all you need to do is call me to have it. This is shown with a tight weave, but for a shadow band, we can make it with the open weave.


Celtic Bridal Set: Guinevere Four Band Engagement Puzzle Ring with Princess-Cut Blue Sapphire
A hand-woven, blue sapphire puzzle ring with open weave looks beautiful with a hand-made Celtic knotwork shadow band. A shadow band such as this begins with a hand-carved wax, in which every loop of the knotwork is carefully carved. Once the wax is perfected, we make a mold, then we cast the shadow band. Finally, it is hand-finished and polished, for a perfect fit with your puzzle ring.



A Guinevere puzzle ring with a 0.375CT, 3.75mm sapphire, and a Celtic knotwork shadow band. This is what platinum will look like. It’s very white and gorgeous! Apparently this is not yet shown on, so I can’t yet provide a link. However, if you love this, call me toll-free at 1-866-573-7381.


Celtic Knotwork Inspired Guinevere Hand-Woven Puzzle Ring with a Princess-Cut Sapphire and a 2mm Hand-Made Shadow Band
A bridal set with a four band Guinevere engagement puzzle ring is set with a princess-cut sapphire and paired with a 2mm shadow band. Notice how the weave of this puzzle ring is open, so it works beautifully with the custom fit shadow band.



Athena Style Puzzle Ring shown with 4mm Round Aquamarine and Available with Sapphire

Four band Athena style puzzle ring with 4mm round aquamarine

Athena puzzle ring with 4mm round aquamarine and a tight weave. We don’t have any Athena rings pictured with an open weave. Why? Well, most people order what is already on our website, and until someone orders a ring we haven’t yet made, we can’t get photographs.


View many colored gemstone, Celtic knotwork-inspired, engagement puzzle rings and bridal sets.


Avalon Style Four Band Engagement Puzzle Ring Shown with a Princess-Cut Water Sapphire, also Known as Iolite


This is the Avalon style shown with a blue water sapphire and an open weave. Notice the stone setting is a medium-low height, and it has rather chunky prongs. This setting does not tend to get caught on thing. A princess-cut stone can have this orientation or the setting can be turned 45 degrees for a “kite” orientation. This setting can also hold a round stone. It’s a little more contemporary in design.


Avalon Engagement Puzzle Ring with a Round Stone
We have an image of this Avalon style only with a diamond. I love this setting with a round stone. It looks like no other puzzle ring!


Avalon Puzzle Ring shown with a 5mm Princess-Cut Blue Topaz and an Open Weave
Again, you can see the medium-low chunky setting and how different it looks from the same setting with the round stone.

Four band Avalon puzzle ring with 5mm princess cut Paraiba-blue topaz

Blue topaz Avalon puzzle ring with 5mm princess cut stone and open weave


5mm Paraiba-Blue, Antique-Square, Blue Topaz Engagement Puzzle Ring with Open Weave
It’s a pretty ring with the antique square, don’t you think?



No matter what style or puzzle ring or shape of stone you want, we’ll need to look at how we can get the dark blue stone that you want.

As for pricing: Please feel free to call me toll-free from the U.S. and Canada at 1-866-573-7381.

Mostly what is available in sapphire right now is AA.  It is usually a bit darker than the AAA, though AAA is a slightly higher grade. Truthfully with a lot of stones, we like to use AA, because it saves you money and anyone who is not a trained gemologist can’t really tell the difference.

We can also source a larger, certified gemstone, if you prefer. Certified stones are highly desirable – they usually have outstanding characteristics. They are normally larger – about 3/4CT and up. This is because it is expensive to certify stones, so only the larger, more exceptional gemstones are certified.

I look forward to working with you to create the bridal set that is perfect for you!

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