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Celtic Engagement Ring – Puzzle Ring

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Rose Gold Celtic-Knotwork-Inspired Puzzle Engagement Ring with Open Weave

14K Rose Gold is hot, hot, hot!! Here is our four-band, medium-weight, Guinevere puzzle engagement ring with a round diamond mounted with a 14K white gold setting. The diamond shown is 1/2CT, and the weave of the puzzle ring is open. What do I mean by an open weave? See the center top (north) and bottom (south) loops (that is, these loops are at top and bottom in the image, but they are on either side of the diamond when it’s on your hand), and see how these loops extend out so each side of the puzzle ring has a very curved shape to it? This results from an open weave. All of our puzzle rings are available with an open, standard, or tight weave, so each ring is very custom. They are hand-woven, so no two are alike! Please visit us at Crystal Realm to see more of these amazing rings that really do come apart and go back together – they are working puzzle rings!



Below is a Guinevere puzzle ring with a tight weave. This is most popular for wearing with an eternity band. Eternity band? Well, people usually think this means stones all the way around the ring, but that’s not necessarily true. What eternity band really means is a ring that is a uniform width all the way around.

And a standard weave is below. See how this puzzle ring has center top and bottom loops with the tips just showing? This is another ring that is usually paired with an eternity wedding band, but you get to see a little more of the “puzzleness: of the ring than you do with the tight weave.


In my next post, I’ll show you some Guinevere puzzle rings with wedding bands, so you can see some options for bridal sets. Until then, have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate it! And be sure to visit us at to see our lovely puzzle engagement rings and exclusive bridal sets.


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