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Celtic Engagement Ring – Marquise Emerald with 2mm Shadow Band

June 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Emerald Bridal Set: Genuine marquise emerald puzzle ring with 2mm shadow band

Emerald is one of only four (along with diamond, sapphire, and ruby) precious gemstones in the world, and its fresh, bright color is perfect with a Celtic knotwork puzzle engagement ring, here shown with a 2mm custom-fit shadow band. The symbolism of this set is profound: Emerald has long been seen as a gemstone of love, and here it is set on a true puzzle ring with endless knotwork representing the eternal nature of your love.  Shown here with a 1/2CT emerald, this set is also available with a larger stone from 3/4CT up. The weight of the set will vary a little with the size of the stone, for a true made-to-order bridal set.


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Celtic Engagement Ring – Diamond Shadow Band Bridal Set

June 23rd, 2014 Comments off

Emerald puzzle engagement ring with five-diamond shadow band

Our client was looking for a truly unique bridal set with a 3/4CT marquise emerald. Our Celtic puzzle engagement ring with open weave fit his requirements perfectly. To that we added a custom-fit, five-diamond shadow wedding band. The eternal knotwork of a Celtic ring represents the linking and bonding that grows with your marriage: the intertwining of your lives and your love. A genuine puzzle ring takes the knotwork to a new level of complexity, yet you can learn to take it apart and assemble it easily with our online videos.  It’s a truly meaningful set that she will cherish!



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Celtic Engagement Ring – Celtic Claddagh Shadow Band

June 21st, 2014 Comments off

Celtic puzzle engagement ring with two-tone claddagh shadow band

We made this Celtic marquise diamond puzzle engagement ring in palladium and three colors of 14K gold: rose, yellow, and green. When it came time for the wedding band, our client wanted an original claddagh band in 14K rose gold and palladium.  This is what we created . . . with eternal knots all the way around the ring and the claddagh in 14K rose gold for an eye popping wedding set. The puzzle ring is hand-woven, unlike the majority of puzzle rings which are cast; so the puzzle ring is a true, one-off original; the claddagh band was created from a one-off hand-carved wax, made to fit precisely with the puzzle ring. We can make a shadow band to mate up to your diamond puzzle engagement ring in any design that you want, with gemstones or without.  You may choose a colored gemstone puzzle engagement ring, if you prefer. And of course, we can make this set in any precious metal or combination, and if you prefer, we can make your shadow band in any design you wish! That’s the beauty of made-to-order jewelry: we make it exactly as you wish it to be!

Click here to see this bridal set in our store with pricing options – pricing varies by diamond size, and you have several choices starting at 0.44-0.46CT, as shown.

Celtic marquise diamond puzzle engagement ring with two-tone claddagh shadow band

Click here to see this bridal set in our store: Celtic marquise diamond puzzle engagement ring with two-tone claddagh shadow band. The engagement ring is palladium with 14K yellow, rose, and green gold. The claddagh band is palladium with 14K rose gold. Click here to see this bridal set with pricing.

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Celtic Engagement Ring and Bridal Set

June 17th, 2014 Comments off

Celtic Wedding Set – Celtic puzzle engagement ring with Alexandrite plus Celtic eternal knot band

This wedding set is gorgeous with genuine Alexandrite.  We have a supplier now for beautiful, high quality, genuine Alexandrite that changes color very effectively from blue/purple as shown here to green, depending upon the light. Here we show a smallish round Alexandrite, but naturally, this ring will take a larger stone. This one is 4mm or 0.26CT.  The wedding band is 3.7mm in width, so the entire set is about 9.7mm wide (6.4mm = 1/4″). We show this set in palladium, but it is also available in platinum or in 14K yellow or 14K rose gold with 14K white gold setting.

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Celtic Engagement Ring with Shadow Band

June 13th, 2014 Comments off

Hand-Woven Celtic Engagement Ring with Made-to-Order Claddagh Shadow Band with Spanish “No tengo mas que darte” (I have nothing more to give you than my heart)

Select the wording of your choice for your custom companion band paired with a Celtic knot puzzle engagement ring.  The companion band, with hands and heart, is shown here with the wording from a 16th C. posey ring found in a sunken Spanish galleon off the coast of Ireland: no tengo mas que darte translates as “I have nothing more to give you than my heart.”

Tanzanite is a gorgeous trichroic stone – meaning you see many more colors in it than are visible in the image. Of course, we can make the engagement ring with diamond, ruby, emerald, or any semi-precious stone that you love!

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Celtic Engagement Ring with Celtic Knotwork Wedding Bands

June 5th, 2014 Comments off

Guinevere Diamond Puzzle Ring with Celtic-Knotwork Shadow Band and Matching Partner Band

Our puzzle engagement ring client returned to have a custom shadow band made for a wedding ring along with a matching partner band. This couple wanted something completely unique that would be dainty and feminine to go with the quarter-carat diamond puzzle ring but with a matching partner band that would be more bold. Here are the results of this endeavor, shown here in 14K white gold. What do you think? Firs image is the diamond puzzle ring with an original, custom-fit shadow band.




The partner band, below, is a 7mm wide, tapered, comfort-fit band – it’s totally custom, made from an original, hand-carved wax.  So our  talented wax carver can create this ring or any knot-work ring wider, narrower, more tapered, less tapered . . . whatever will be perfect  for you!

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Celtic Bridal Set with Tanzanite Guinevere Puzzle Ring and Newgrange Spirals Band

June 5th, 2014 Comments off

Tanzanite is gorgeous in a puzzle ring further enhanced by a genuine Celtic Newgrange spirals band.  Our Celtic knotwork-inspired puzzle rings really do come apart and go back together with our video instructions.  And while enjoying the fun of your puzzle ring, you can appreciate the history and mythology of the Newgrange spirals band.

The circle of liferepresenting eternal love, is a beautiful symbol of lasting love and commitment. This ring design has an amazing history, and your love and devotion to each other will feel grounded in thousands of years of tradition when you wear these amazingly beautiful bands. Here is the story of these rings: 

3200 years ago, a very sacred place called the Megalithic Passage at the Newgrange site in Ireland was created. At this site, there is a long passage in the hill terminating in an inner cruciform chamber. At dawn on the Winter Solstice, the passage and the inner chamber are illuminated by the rising sun. 

The circle of life depicted in the form of spirals, marks the entrance to the site.

Combine this meaningful story with the intertwining of your two lives represented by the Celtic knotwork of the puzzle ring, and your bridal set is a cherished symbol of your lasting love. Puzzle partner rings are available, as are Newgrange spiral bands with or without trim.

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