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Creating a Custom Shadow Band for a Puzzle Ring Bridal Set

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Designing a custom shadow band from an eternity band requires some design modifications.

My clients in Australia liked the Celtic eternal knot band, which happens to be a recessed knot. We decided to reverse the design and do a raised knot.

Here’s the shadow band with the marquise diamond, Celtic knotwork-inspired puzzle ring with accent emeralds. Notice the center front treatment of the knotwork. What we have here is two separate knots in a mirror image, meeting up at center front. This design was fairly wide, so we decided not to do the design all the way around the band, so the band could be a lighter, more comfortable weight and width for wearing.  View details of this set.

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Choosing a Celtic Claddagh Wedding Band

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Hello, Bob,

Thank you for requesting this image of the Celtic band you are considering. The band pictured here is a heavy-weight, gent’s band, meaning it is 8.7mm wide.

This ring is made in a number of versions, so my job is to ensure that you get the ring characteristics you are looking for.
In sizes 9 and up, the heavy weight is 8.7mm wide, and the light weight is 7.5mm wide. The main difference between the two rings, besides the width, is the shape of the rims. They are most prominent on the heavy weight ring, as shown above. A light weight ring is shown below. Notice the rims are a bit narrower and are shaped a bit differently.

For D’s band, the most important thing is for it to be sized correctly to go with her puzzle engagement ring. Below is a light weight claddagh band with trim with a 0.79CT lab-created ruby.

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