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Your bridal set

November 15th, 2012

Hello, Drew,

Thank you for getting in touch with me about a puzzle ring bridal set. From your email, I see you are interested in the Marquise Diamond Puzzle Ring & Recessed Celtic Eternal Knot Bridal Set and a bridal set based on the Juliet puzzle ring.

You’ve expressed an interest in a 1CT diamond, and you’ve asked for pictures of these rings with differing views, as well.

I can show you images that will address different parts of the decision making process.

So far the variables you’ve mentioned are diamond size, ring style, and metal choices.  Diamond size has a large bearing on the weight of the puzzle ring, as well, and the weight of the ring affects the width and weight of the wedding band. So we are quickly into more variables than you asked for.

1. I will first address differing views, with what images I do have on hand.
2. Then I’ll talk about diamond sizes and the corresponding weights required for the puzzle ring to hold them.
3. Lastly, I’ll just touch briefly on wedding band thickness (profile) and width.

And before we go on . . .
Let me be clear that I don’t expect you to make all your decisions based on the information here. Our main objective is to determine if you like the look of a heavier, 1CT-diamond puzzle ring, or if you want to stick to a medium-weight ring with a diamond no larger than about 0.72CT. I am also sending you an email with quotes, so you can factor in prices to your decision.

Alternate views
The best image I have of a marquise puzzle ring with a recessed Celtic eternal knot band is a set we just did with a 1/3CT sapphire, accent diamonds, and the 3.6mm wide wedding band (narrower than the one you saw with the diamond ring).

[The added diamonds are not something you are asking for, but this is the image closest to what you’re interested in.]


Here is the set shown on the hand.

Three piece wedding set

Close up view of the marquise setting:

Marquise diamond setting side view

Marquise diamond setting side view


This 0.87CT marquise emerald ring is on 15-gauge metal stock, the lightest weight ring that we can place a 1CT range diamond on.

[This puzzle ring has an open weave. Usually we only do open weave rings with custom, contoured, shadow bands, but we can make any puzzle ring with any size stone in a tight, standard, or open weave.]

The Juliet ring is shown in several views.


[Notice that the puzzle ring weave in the image above is more open than the standard weave in the image below.  We usually pair a band with a standard weave or tight weave puzzle ring. ]

Diamond Sizes
With the exception of the marquise emerald, all the puzzle rings shown above are medium-weight rings.

The easiest way for you to see the relative marquise sizes and the weights of puzzle rings is to visit this page on my site.  Here you can see a variety of rings with marquise stones ranging from 1/3CT up to 1.85CT on ring weights from 16 gauge (medium) to 13 gauge (heavy).

We can place a 1CT diamond on a puzzle ring in a 15 gauge, 14 gauge or 13 gauge weight.

Here is a marquise diamond puzzle ring with a 0.72CT diamond, the largest size of diamond we can mount on a medium-weight puzzle.

Marquise diamond puzzle engagement ring with 0.72CT diamond and 'yovrs onli' Renaissance reproduction wedding ring

Marquise diamond puzzle engagement ring with 0.72CT diamond and ‘yovrs onli’ Renaissance reproduction wedding ring in 4.2mm width


Juliet puzzle ring with a 1CT diamond (with side rubies) on a 13-gauge puzzle ring – heaviest weight.

This is the same ring on the bride’s hand, before we added the rubies and changed the setting to the custom-Triskele style.



Wedding Band Width and Weight
Any of the heavier weights of puzzle ring will work with a wedding band about 2mm thick.  So we call that the profile or the depth of the ring, and then the dimension across the ring is the width.

The band shown immediately below is only made in larger ring sizes, Celtic 9 and up.  It is just over 5mm wide, with a 2mm profile, and so it works well for heavier puzzle rings.  So it is not an option for smaller ring sizes.  (The set pictured here is a medium weight with a diamond under 1/2CT, but the ring size was 9 or greater, so that’s why the band is wider.)

Marquise diamond puzzle ring with recessed Celtic eternal knot band

Marquise diamond puzzle ring with recessed Celtic eternal knot band in the over 5mm width

Below is the Juliet puzzle ring with about a 3/4CT diamond. Somehow we made this one on the medium weight puzzle ring, even though we usually prefer not to.  Some women today prefer their wedding band to be a bit narrower than the puzzle ring.

Your main job right now is to decide on the diamond size – below 3/4CT or up to 1CT.

Then we’ll talk about selecting or designing a wedding band in a width, and weight to look beautiful with it.

This was posted by Mandira Feldvebel of crystalrealm.com
For more information about Celtic-inspired puzzle engagement rings and bridal sets, please call toll-free within the U.S. and Canada 1-866-573-7381 or outside North America at 505-898-1107. Many thanks for visiting!

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