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Unique engagement rings – Celtic puzzle engagement rings

November 9th, 2012

Imperial topaz, a feminine, delicately colored gemstone, here shown on palladium, a white, platinum-family metal that is non-allergenic and durable like platinum but for the cost of gold. Okay, there are differences between palladium and platinum. Palladium is not as dense, so it’s not as heavy, and that’s why it is not as costly as platinum. And this lovely puzzle ring shows an imperial topaz that is quite pink. However, imperial topaz is not a reliable pink, it can be more of a beige/peach color, so if you really want pink, let us do your ring with pink sapphire.

Our unique engagement rings – puzzle rings all – are inspired by the endless knots of Celtic knotwork, and they provide endless fun and fascination as you disassemble and assemble your ring, to the astonishment of your friends and loved ones.

A full selection of colored gemstone puzzle engagement rings.

Diamond puzzle ring collection.

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