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Planning a Marquise Diamond Puzzle Engagement Ring up to 2CT

August 28th, 2012 No comments

Greetings, Bill & Thelma,

Thank you very much for getting in touch about a diamond puzzle ring.  I’m excited to work with you on creating this beautiful ring.

Let’s start with the bridal set that started it all! Bill, thank you for persevering for three months and finding us after losing our link!  This ring is a heavy weight puzzle ring with an open weave. Notice how the four bands have “air between them” in open loops – this is the weave or style of puzzle ring that we usually use for larger diamonds.  It gives shape and definition to the sides of the puzzle ring, so it looks best with a wedding band that curves to fit. The diamond shown is a 1CT weight stone.

CT Marquise Diamond on 13-gauge, open weave, puzzle ring with optional, custom-fit, comfort-fit band

CT Marquise Diamond on 13-gauge, open weave, puzzle ring with optional, custom-fit, comfort-fit band


This next image shows you what a heavy, four-band puzzle ring looks like on the hand.  This ring has a 1CT princess-cut diamond, so it differs in that respect, but I think you can get a good idea of the weight from this image.

Laura's 13-gauge puzzle engagement ring with 1CT diamond in about a size 4

13-gauge puzzle engagement ring with 1CT diamond in about a size 4


Below is an image of a puzzle engagement ring with a 1.85CT light green emerald.   This is very close in size to the 1.87CT diamond that I sent you the image of.  This one is a bit longer and narrower, so naturally, your diamond would look a little different, if you opt to go for this size of diamond.  See how the “spaces” in this open weave puzzle ring are much bigger than those in the 1CT.  We can tighten up the spaces a little bit on yours, if you prefer.

Puzzle engagement ring featuring a 1.85CT light-green marquise emerald on a 13-gauge heavy weight puzzle

Thelma, you’ll see some of this information in the email series you’ll get over the next nine days.  But I’d like to reiterate it here for you, Bill.  Once we undertake to make a puzzle engagement ring for you,  we commit to working very closely to ensure that you are both thrilled with your ring.  Since custom rings are not returnable for refund, we make a pledge to you:  if you are not absolutely over-the-moon about your ring, you can return it so we can adjust it in any way, from changing the weave of the puzzle, to changing the metal, to swapping out the diamond for one you may like more (so far our record is perfect, we’ve never sent out a diamond that didn’t meet expectations!).   We are very proud of our record for ecstatic customers, and I want you to be completely delighted as well.

Now . . . not to get ahead of ourselves, but I’m guessing you will very likely want a matching wedding ring.  Let’s do the engagement ring first, and then if you want a  wedding band, we can do one like the one you first saw, Bill, that is pictured at the top of this post.  Or . . . we can create for you a made-to-order shadow band that will fit precisely with your engagement ring. Here are a few examples of sets we’ve done.  We can do any design you want including one with diamonds or gemstones.  I like to deliver the puzzle engagement ring first, to ensure a perfect fit, and to make sure you are thrilled with your ring and your diamond.

I know this ring shows a very long, narrow diamond – not to your taste, Thelma, but I want you to see the way the wedding band fits to the engagement ring.  This is also a much lighter weight set, and naturally the band we make to go with your ring will be perfectly scaled to suit it.

Celtic-knotwork-inspired puzzle engagement ring with 2mm custom, contoured, companion band

Celtic-knotwork-inspired puzzle engagement ring with 2mm contoured shadow band


Lettering is an option that many folks like.  We can do any lettering you want inside, outside, or both, as long as the shadow band is wide enough.

Celtic-knotwork-inspired diamond puzzle engagement ring with "Amor Vincit Omnia" contoured, companion band

Celtic-knotwork-inspired diamond puzzle engagement ring with “Amor Vincit Omnia” contoured, companion band


There is also the option of a gemstone-studded shadow band with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or any gemstone that suits your taste.

Marquise Emerald Puzzle Ring with Diamond Companion Band

Marquise Emerald Puzzle Ring with Diamond Companion Band

That concludes my photo story for you.  I’d love to get the sterling silver trial ring sent out to you, so you can try wearing it, Thelma, to make sure you love it.

One more thing . . . we can send out the diamond for you to look at before we set it on your ring, but . . . on the other hand, we usually figure you can get a better idea of what the diamond will look like on your hand if we put it in your ring and you can actually put the ring on your finger.  Namely, we’ll deliver the diamond in your finished ring.  So . . . all we ask is that when you get your ring, if you don’t absolutely love it, please let me know within 48 hours, so we can take it back and secure an alternate diamond for you.  My diamond vendor allows us to return a diamond (even though we never have) if we act quickly, so we would want the chance to get you another diamond within the window they provide.

Please contact me by email or toll-free at 1-866-573-7381 with any further questions or to arrange for the trial ring.  Of course, the $100 charge for the ring will be applied to the engagement ring once you order that.  And then you get to keep the trial ring, Thelma, so you can learn to take it apart and put it together using our excellent instructions.

Thank you again for contacting me, Bill.  It is a pleasure to work with you!

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